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House of Night Fourm

Welcome to the House Of Night Fourm. Have fun :)
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 The Red Fledglings

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PostSubject: The Red Fledglings   The Red Fledglings I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 26, 2010 11:30 pm


The only red fledgling who is African-American, she was gifted with an affinity of prophecies in the form of poems. She quickly has a bond with the Twins. She is nominated the group's Poet Laureate because her poems seem to tell important things about Kalona.


Called "Ant" by the rest of the group because of his size. He finds a possible entrance into the tunnels in Hunted.

Johnny B.

The muscular one of the group. He is very vain and takes an interest in the Twins and Zoey.


Venus was originally Aphrodite LaFonte's best friend and roommate before her body rejected the Change. Unknown to the other fledglings, she came back to become one of Neferet's minions. As a result, Aphrodite chose her name to be Aphrodite in honor of Venus. Neferet gave Aphrodite a suspicious drink when Venus 'died' (the same drink she gives Zoey when Stevie Rae 'dies'), and her mind became foggy and begins to forget Venus, then she throws the rest of the drink down the sink. In Hunted, she reveals to the group that Stevie Rae and Aphrodite have Imprinted. Zoey described her to have the type of blond hair that looked gold and beautiful and this starts a rivalry between her and Zoey. Venus has a personality similar to the one Aphrodite had first shown in Marked. Venus also shows interest into Erik, thus causing the rivalry between Zoey and her to deepen.
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The Red Fledglings
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