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 Midnight Spy (A story i am working on!)

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Midnight Spy (A story i am working on!) Empty
PostSubject: Midnight Spy (A story i am working on!)   Midnight Spy (A story i am working on!) I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 27, 2010 2:42 pm

Chapter 1

“Rea! Get your butt down here!” my mom Julia yelled up stairs to me. “One sec’!” I yelled back “I have to finish painting my fingernails”! I have to go to my graduation from middle school. London England’s Alexandra Park High School here I come. “Come on we are going to be late!” my mom yell a little exasperated. I run to my bath room check my long mahogany and black hair up in a little bun on top on my head one last time before I ran down the stairs. “Thank god! You took so long!” my nine year-old brother Luke exclaimed. “Well sorry! I had to check my hair for Luke!” I yelled. “I bet you kiss him!” he said turning around making fake kissing noises with his hand running up and down his back like someone else is doing it. “Wow Ian so mature.” I said rolling my eyes. My brother is 89 pounds of pure evil. “Come on we have to go!” my mom yelled running out the door with us following behind. We hopped in the car and drove down our pine tree lined road.

“And our last but not least Graduate…” our principal Dr. Arthur (very fancy! Hehe) looks at the tan piece of paper “Rea Wilaberg”! Everyone clapped as I walked up stairs. “GO REA!” I here a familiar voice say behind me. I turn around to see Luke, his long brown skater hair with his eyes peeking and his hands making a mega-phone shape around his mouth. I get my diploma and run to Luke jump into his arms, he stumbles back in surprise from my hug, wraps his arms around me and spins me around. “I am going to miss you so much!” I said still hugging him. “Rea I have to tell you something.” he said with sorry in his eyes. “What?” I asked a little worried. “I-I-I-I Cheated on you.” he said shaking his head, making his brown hair shake from side to side. “WITH WHO?” I asked almost screaming.
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Midnight Spy (A story i am working on!)
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