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PostSubject: Darius   Darius I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 26, 2010 11:35 pm

Darius is one of the Sons of Erebus that helps Zoey and the gang often in Untamed, and is described as young and good looking, with marks that are in a "bold geometric design". He has a crush on Aphrodite, though he doesn't know she has been "unMarked" and has become human until the end of Untamed. His position as a Son of Erebus means that he is strong and fast, and his main role is that of a protector. He is also the only Son of Erebus that escapes into the tunnels after Kalona rises. Lots of people think of him as a mountain, including Shekinah and Zoey. In Hunted, he and Aphrodite are together and he is very protective of both her and Zoey and even after Aphrodite Imprints with Stevie Rae, and he says it will not affect their relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend. Protecting Zoey in Hunted, Darius gets slashed in the face by Kalona, the fallen angel. Kalona threatens him that if he kills another of his children he will die. Darius is a smart Son of Erebus, most likely the wisest since none are left. In Tempted, Darius gave Aphrodite his warrior's oath binding the two of them together. He shows his loyalty to Zoey very early on from when he is first mentioned and seen in Chosen. He often refers to her as 'lady' and 'little priestess'.
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