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 Professor Lenobia

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Professor Lenobia prefers to be called Lenobia after a famous vampyre High Priestess from the third century A.D.. Her tattoo is a beautiful series of knots entwined around her face. Within the sapphire knotting, there are delicate designs of rearing horses, and is stated to have white blond hair and slate gray eyes. As an Equestrian instructor (Horseback riding Instructor), Lenobia is intimidating at first. She has incredibly high standards and won’t pass any student who doesn’t meet those standards. The successful students in her class are intensely loyal and say that she is "the best." The students who stick with her class also become excellent equestrians. She also has a fondness for Zoey, allowing her to enter the stables to be with her mare, Persephone, whenever she pleases. She aids Zoey and her friends in their escape from the House of Night at the end of Hunted. She has great influence with the High Council of Nyx, since she was well acquainted with Shekinah, and is able to obtain an audience with the High Council of Nyx on short notice. Lenobia is stated to have a silver colored siamese whose name is not mentioned.
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Professor Lenobia
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