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 Loren Blake

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Loren Blake is a temporary professor at the House of Night. The professorship is an honorary position awarded to him because he is the current Vampyre Poet Laureate. Professor Blake is unusually young for a Poet Laureate (in actual years he is only twenty-five). His accomplishments are also extraordinary because he is a man and due to the vampyre matriarchal society, most Poet Laureates are women. Professor Blake is incredibly handsome, even for a vampyre, being over six feet tall with a deep and powerful voice. His tattoo is a spectacular design of lightning bolts. He woos Zoey throughout Betrayed and Chosen and plays with Zoey's mind, thus causing trouble in her already complicated life and makes love to her. Erik Night, Zoey's boyfriend, walks in on Zoey and Loren after making love, thus ending their relationship. During the act they share blood which causes an imprint between them and breaks Zoey's imprint with her human boyfriend Heath Luck. When Zoey's friends discover that she has been sneaking around with a professor behind their backs it only furthers her isolation from them. It is discovered that this was Loren's true intent, which he devised with his true lover, Neferet, and that his affections for Zoey were false. Loren is killed at the end of Chosen in what originally appears to be an attack by the People of Faith; Neferet blames Zoey for his death, claiming he chased after her after believing she fled the House of Night, making his true intentions unclear and never to be discovered. He chose his name in honor of the famous poet William Blake. In Tempted it is revealed that Neferet killed him because he wanted both her and Zoey.
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Loren Blake
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