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About Hunted Hunted10

The series' fifth novel. Neferet and Kalona become lovers in this novel, and Kalona starts getting into Zoey's dreams in his attempts to seduce her. Zoey, her friends, and the red fledglings hide in Tulsa's Prohibition tunnels while trying to save the school. Darius(a hot Son of Erebus) and Aphrodite fall in love, and Aphrodite gets closer to Zoey. Zoey gets her friends back, but Stevie Rae denies the truth about the red fledglings saying nice things about them in addition to accidentally imprinting with Aphrodite while drinking her blood to save her own life. When Zoey has a near brush with death, she is forced to go back to the House of Night, where Neferet reluctantly heals her upon Kalona's insistence. The friends are not happy, though, Kalona's presence has caused the fledglings and the Vampyres to turn their backs on Nyx. Zoey successfully persuades Stark to turn back to the good side. He becomes the second Red Vampyre when he pledges his Warrior's Oath to Zoey. Later, with the help of the nuns from Street Cats, Zoey sends Kalona and Neferet back to where they belong.
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About Hunted
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