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About Untamed Untame10

Zoey tries to make up with her friends while simultaneously trying to figure out what exactly is going on at the House of Night. Former enemies, Zoey and Aphrodite start becoming friends, and Zoey reunites with her old friends by revealing her past secrets. Zoey and Aphrodite decide to connect the House of Night with the outside world, and begin a relationship with Street Cats, a cat shelter/pet store run by nuns. Despite an uneasy start, Zoey soon develops a friendship with the sisters. Aphrodite has a vision where Zoey dies...twice. Meanwhile, Zoey soon becomes overwhelmed by her burgeoning feelings for a new transfer student, James Stark, and her unresolved feelings for ex-boyfriend and now new temporary professor, Erik. Zoey begins to bond with Stark only to be quickly crushed when he rejects the Change and dies in her arms.He then comes back as one of Neferet's evil red fledglings. Zoey discovers that Stevie Rae is not what she used to be, and learns about the true evil of Neferet's newest ally, Kalona. Raven Mockers; Kalona's sons, cause Zoey's grandmother, Sylvia Redbird, to get into a serious car accident. Aphrodite, who had temporarily been given Stevie Rae's earth affinity for safekeeping, loses the affinity, and when she and Zoey reveal this, along with her new-found humanity and the secret of the red fledglings, at the New Year's ritual, Neferet kills Shekinah (the High Priestess of all Vampyres who agreed with Zoey), unleashes Kalona on the House of Night, and uses an undead Stark to seriously wound Stevie Rae. Startled by this unexpected turn of events, Zoey, her friends, Erik, and the red fledglings all escape the school and go into hiding underground. Zoey and her friends then prepare for a fight against evil with the help of their goddess, Nyx.
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About Untamed
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