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About Chosen Chosen10

Zoey and Aphrodite join together in a struggle to keep Stevie Rae's humanity. In the meantime, Zoey's ominous feelings about Neferet prove to be founded and the two become enemies. Further complications arise in Zoey's love life. Though she is now dating Erik, the handsome Professor Loren Blake successfully seduces Zoey. Zoey has hot Vampyre blood sex with Loren and imprints with him, effectively breaking her imprint with Heath, causing him great physical pain and causing her breakup with Erik, who witnessed the event after he Changed into a Vampyre. She later realizes that Loren had tricked her into revealing her secretive information on the command of Neferet. As Zoey got closer to Loren, she became more secretive and isolated from her friends, and eventually turns to Aphrodite for help, unexpectedly becoming allies. Aphrodite has terrifying visions of the future, and Professors Nolan and Blake are murdered. After the murders, the Sons of Erebus, Vampyre warriors, are called to the House of Night for protection. Aphrodite loses her Mark and becomes human once more, but helped Stevie Rae become the first ever Red Vampyre. Aphrodite flees the school after her mark disappears. When Damien, Jack, and the Twins discover that Zoey has been keeping secrets from them, they turn on her, leaving her at the end of the book with no friends but Aphrodite and Stevie Rae.
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