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 About Betrayed

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About Betrayed Betray10

In the series' second novel, Zoey has managed to settle in at the House of Night. She has become the leader of the Dark Daughters, and she discovers that her friends each have an affinity for one of the elements (Damien- Air; Shaunee- Fire; Erin- Water; and Stevie Rae- Earth). She and Aphrodite continue their animosity towards one another, and Stevie Rae dies after rejecting the Change in Zoey's arms. When some football players are kidnapped and killed, Zoey discovers that Stevie Rae became another kind of fledgling, reflecting the change in Stevie Rae's soul. It is discovered that some of the other past fledglings that were thought to be dead are living in the underground tunnels of Tulsa. They too changed and they all must make a choice to take their humanity over the evil that has now pervaded their hearts. Jack- a new fledgling who becomes Damien's boyfriend- is introduced in this novel. When Zoey rescues Heath from Stevie Rae and the other ex-fledgings, Neferet puts a spell on Zoey and Heath, causing them to forget about what happened. Zoey then calls upon the elements to help her remember what happened, and they help her remember/discover what Neferet really is. Heath however, does not remember the past nights events.
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About Betrayed
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